Every8Minutes and MISSING launches a national campaign on CHILD TRAFFICKING during the “16 Days of Activism on Violence Against Women and Girls”.
25 November -10 December 2015

Every8Minutes and Missing Girls in collaboration with 10 NGOs across India will launch a national campaign on child trafficking on 25 November 2015. The campaign coincides with the 16 Days of Activism on Violence Against Women and Girls, 25 November – 10 December.

Using art for activism, NGOs working on child trafficking and education in different cities will paint silhouettes of young girls using the hash tag ‘every8minutes’ and ‘missing girls’ on public walls in vulnerable areas across India. The campaign will raise the awareness and provide solutions about how hundreds of girls and young women go missing everyday in India.

According to the National Crime Records Bureau, every 8 minutes a child goes missing in India, of which, 40% of those children haven’t been found. This campaign is crucial at a time where 55% per cent of those missing are girls and 45% of all missing children have remained untraceable as yet raising fears of them having been either killed or pushed into begging or prostitution rackets. The law on missing children in India needs to be more stringent and defined. In fact there is no legal definition of missing child, hence the numbers of children going missing everyday has been increasing at an alarm rate.

The Child Trafficking campaign will be implemented in eight cities across India. Every8Minutes and Missing is collaborating with organisations like, Association for the Promotion of Social Change (APSA), Bangalore, Pardada Pardadi Educational Society (PPES), Anupshar, Uttar Pradesh, Jamghat, Delhi, Rapid Action For Human Advancement Tradition (RAHAT), Kishanganj, Bihar, Nedan Foundation, Kokrajjar, Assam, Vatsalya, Jaipur, Prerna, Mumbai, Udayan Care, Delhi, Humari Muskan, Kolkata and STOP- Trafficking of Women and Girls, Delhi to run the campaign in their local communities.

Through the campaign, local communities will be provided with child helpline numbers and local NGOs contact details working on child trafficking so that if they see any child in danger or a child has gone missing then they may immediately contact and seek help. Street plays, drawing and painting competitions, discussion on female trafficking and painting of silhouette of a girl will be some of the activities which will take place in each of the cities.

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