Every 8 Minutes

In the next 8 minutes, one child will go missing in India.  40% of these children will never be found. Exploited, abused and sold into slavery, they have little hope without your help.

The campaign, launched by iPartner India, needs your help to STOP this modern day slavery. In just 5 years, we have supported NGOs working on the frontline in India and helped 20,250 child trafficking victims in 11 states in India. We do this by uniting the Indian government, our partner NGOs and caring individuals in the international community – like you – to work towards ending child slavery.

The Issue

Today, India is home to nearly half the world’s 30 million slaves; 58% of whom are trafficked for sexual exploitation. Their average age is just 12 – some are as young as 5. Poverty, society’s tolerance, and insufficient law enforcement are the root causes and the reasons why this intolerable violation of human rights persists.

The Solution

Through awareness campaigns, rescue operations and rehabilitation, Every 8 Minutes will protect the lives of more than 100,000 children who have been trafficked or at high risk of being trafficked.  Be part of the solution by signing up to the campaign, watching the documentary ‘Not My Life’ and sharing the campaign with your friends and family. 


iPartner India is committed to bringing the issue of child slavery to the forefront of political and social awareness, ensuring that this issue is no longer ignored. Children and their families will be educated in the dangers of trafficking and how to prevent it, and society as a whole will be mobilized to stand up for survivors.

Join Us


We are building an unstoppable movement who are committed to taking action in support of the most vulnerable children.

Every8Minutes.org is the online platform that serves as the basis of our campaign.

Join our campaign and receive learning and action tools that show evidence of real progress, so you can witness change as it happens.

We align with the most trusted and effective organizations, working in partnership with the non-profit, public and private sectors who are committed to bringing an end to the exploitation and trafficking of children. 

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