• STOP India

    STOP India started as a movement in 1998 to combat trafficking and empower women and children. They are pioneers in conducting successful rescue missions into the brothels of Delhi to rescue minor children and girls from a life of violent abuse.

  • Prerana

    Prerana works with some of the most exploited, vulnerable and excluded sections of children in India. These children are born to prostitutes living in red light areas and are found living on the fringes of society and are open to exploitation of all kinds.

  • Odanadi

    Founded over twenty years ago by two former journalists, Stanly KV and Parashuram ML, Odanadi is home to hundreds of rescued children. Each one of them has endured unimaginable horrors before being rescued. Tales of betrayal, beatings, torture, starvation and of being pushed into prostitution

  • ARZ Goa

    Brothels are highly profitable businesses where young women and children are sold as commodities by pimps. The tourist destination of Goa attracts amongst others paedophiles and sex tourists and makes brothels a thriving business. ARZ, started by a group of passionate social workers, zealously combats this ‘business’ of commercial sexual