Founded over twenty years ago by two former journalists, Stanly KV and Parashuram ML, Odanadi is home to hundreds of rescued children. Each one of them has endured unimaginable horrors before being rescued. Tales of betrayal, beatings, torture, starvation and of being pushed into prostitution or forced labour are many, but for the Odanadi girls and boys there is a happy ending as they pass out of schools, colleges and vocational training programmes with outstanding results and renewed hope. As a pioneering organisation, Odanadi’s relentless campaign to expose and curb trafficking, has helped them emerge as a powerful voice advocating the cause of trafficked children in India.

For many young women who were former victims of trafficking, rebuilding their lives and gaining financial independence is not easy. Creating meaning jobs and giving them the opportunity to learn to do these jobs is essential. It gives the survivors empowerment and a means to sustain their future.

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Our aim is to provide the trafficking survivors the necessary tools to face mainstream society as strong, confident, empowered women. In the past few years, we have worked with Odanadi to help set up various vocational training courses, including the Manavi Institute of Bakery Management. This institute is managed by rescued survivors and women who are at high risk of being trafficked into slavery.

Over the next year, we need your support to expand the bakery production and launch the first ever ‘all women’ bakery outlets across the city. This project will transform 50 survivors into entrepreneurs and working women who interact in an environment of equality and dignity.

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