Prerana works with some of the most exploited, vulnerable and excluded sections of children in India. These children are born to prostitutes living in red light areas and are found living on the fringes of society and are open to exploitation of all kinds. Prerana works towards transforming the lives of these children through various unique and path breaking interventions. Through direct implementation, they have endeavoured to stop second-generation prostitution. They have protected more than 10,000 children from the threats of human trafficking by protecting their rights and dignity, by providing a safe and secure environment, by supporting their education and health and by leading major advocacy efforts in this regard.

The sheer number of children born in the red light area who are forced into an inescapable future into the flesh trade is disheartening. Children here are deprived from all of their basic rights. They are labelled, alienated and stigmatized by the society. The red light area becomes their entire universe. The lack of options makes them vulnerable to all forms of depravity, violence and exploitation.

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The Education Support Programme (ESP) ensures children their basic right to education. It is India’s first comprehensive Programme for children born to prostitutes living in red light areas. ESP provides complementary and remedial education by engaging the children in extra-curricular activities, life skills and development inputs. Children also spend their nights at the centre, under a safe environment, away from neon lights, abusive situations, threats and exploitation.

We need your support to ensure the smooth running of the Prerana’s shelter homes and night care centres. It will strengthen a pioneering project that keeps over 2000 children of prostitutes safe at night, and educated during the day, giving each child a chance at real childhood.

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