STOP India

STOP India started as a movement in 1998 to combat trafficking and empower women and children. They are pioneers in conducting successful rescue missions into the brothels of Delhi to rescue minor children and girls from a life of violent abuse. They run ‘Ashray’ home, where all victims are treated with love and respect. Rescued girls continue to stay there till they are ready to move back to their families (sometimes in neighbouring countries) or build a new life for themselves. STOP also runs two community outreach programmes to curb trafficking at the source in the urban slums of Delhi along with programmes to rehabilitate victims and prosecute traffickers.

Bawana in North-East Delhi is a slum community with a population of over 250,000. Here, hundreds of minors and young girls go missing from their homes. Most of the people in this settlement are migrants who are uneducated and extremely poor. This along with low monitoring and lack of involvement from the law enforcement agencies, makes it easy for traffickers to traffic young girls.

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By creating a unique intelligence gathering mechanism through Self-Help Groups comprised of the local women and by connecting these women to the local authorities, STOP will initiate a strong community vigilance programme. This will help increase the resilience of the most marginalised and vulnerable members of society.

Your support will educate the local people about trafficking and create stronger vigilance committees. It will also directly improve the lives of at least 3000 women, adolescent girls and children through education, health and hygiene, vocational training, livelihoods support and gender-based rights and advocacy.

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